Landscape Architects

Architectural Metalwork Design and Manufacturing

Elements that Enhance the Urban Landscape

Our craftsmen have experience with everything from decorative metal architecture to solid, functional structures. With innovation and detail, we employ architectural fabrication as a means to revitalize and enhance urban landscapes.

Architectural Fabrication

By offering landscape architects every facet of fabrication in our metalshop, our craftsmen will effortlessly transform your vision into a reality from start to finish.

The "Hammersmith" Process

The architectural fabrication process begins with an evaluation of your property and understanding of your vision. Whether you are working with a blueprint or are starting from scratch, our designers will understand the physical demands of your space and will work with you to design CAD drawings. From aiding your design and materials selection to metal fabricating and applying the finishes, our team will handcraft furniture, stairways, railings, and ornamental metal accessories for your waterfront, park or rooftop space.

>NYC High Line Phase 2 Curved Ipe and Corten Bench: CAD Drawings to Finished Product

NYC High Line Phase 2 Curved Ipe and Corten Bench: CAD Drawings to Finished Product

Metalwork Projects

From planter walls to stairways, we strive to create unique designs that surpass traditional metalwork solutions. An extraordinary integration of material and shape yields one-of-a-kind metalwork for any of your needs. Here are several recent urban landscape projects from our commercial landscape portfolio:

Our Materials

Whenever possible, we use locally produced green and recycled materials to fulfill your needs while accentuating your space. With an extensive choice of materials, you can chose the ones that are most in line with your architectural style. Our craftsman work with copper, stainless, aluminum, steel, corten, zinc, ipe, teak, and black walnut. From crisp and modern to rustic and textured, our metalwork is completely customizable. View full materials list.

NYC High Line
Phase 1 and 2


Why Landscape Architects Choose Hammersmith Metal

Commercial Fabrication for Public and Private Spaces

Landscape architects have trusted Hammersmith Metal to reshape and enhance their urban environments for over 30 years. Our architectural metal fabricators are committed to finding innovative and customized solutions that are functional, sustainable , and transcend the space.

Natural Sustainable Beauty

Recycling and conserving environmental resources while preserving natural integrity is at the core of Hammersmith's values. Furthermore, with LEED certified knowledge and experience, our designers look at the big picture to completely reclaim, reuse, and rebuild your urban space.

Experience Counts

All Materials, Conditions, and Architectures

We offer landscape architects design and commercial ornamental fabrication services for public and commercial spaces. If you're looking to add depth, dimension, and innovation to your park, waterfront, or rooftop project in the New York City, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Long Island, Connecticut and New Jersey areas, Hammersmith's architectural metalwork is the perfect solution.

Material Selection, Guidance, and Fabrication

Our expert craftsmen can also advise you on the right metals, woods, and finishes to compliment your style and functionality and highlight your space. From architectural structures and lighting to railings and custom furniture, our highly adept fabricators are ready to consult with you and transform your vision into reality. We would love to discuss your project, so give us a call today at 917-865-8791 or email.